Interested in becoming a live donor please call UC Health Transplant Center 1 (720) 848 0855

At minimum, consider becoming an organ donor. You can register through your local Dept of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This will help give the gift of life to someone like myself in need.

Ways To Help

Spread the word that Alan needs a kidney. The more people that know that I need a kidney, the greater chance I will find one.

Contribute to our fund raising campaign via YouCaring or Alpine Bank Carbondale. I have thousands of dollars in anticipated expenses that my insurance won’t cover. This includes significant insurance deductibles and out of pocket maximums, travel expenses, time off work for both myself and the potential donors. Once I find a donor, surgery entails a week stay in the hospital at UC Health-Denver followed by a three week stay near the hospital for follow up appointments. There are and will continue to be multiple trips back and forth to Denver for monitoring my health. YouCaring is a non-profit organization that helps people raise funds for medical expenses and other medical issues. Please note that is against US law for someone to be compensated for actual organ donation. Expenses related to the donation can be reimbursed.