Alan Needs a Kidney!

Please consider giving the gift of life and donate a kidney.

Interested in becoming a live donor please call UC Health Transplant Center 1 (720) 848 0855

My name is Alan and I have Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). I learned of my condition just after my kids were born. Doctors have said that I likely have had CKD most or all of my life. My condition is non-reversible so treatment has been minimal over the years. I have been able to function fairly normally until recently. I am now in End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) and need a kidney transplant ASAP. I was recently put on the national donor list database and was accepted into the University of Colorado-Denver Transplant Center. I am in search of a living kidney donor.

I am a dedicated, hardworking family man. I am a father of twin girls and have a lovely wife. I run a family business and live in a small town in Colorado. My doctors say I am an excellent transplant candidate and have a great chance to make a transplanted kidney work for many years. My kidney function is deteriorating rapidly so I don’t have much time. With a transplanted kidney, I will be able to continue to provide for my family and see my daughters grow up. I am determined to make a transplanted kidney work so I can live a long full life.